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Guidelines for Reviewers

iForest is a peer-reviewed journal which aims at publishing papers and other scientific material in short times. To this goal, the whole reviewing process is usually carried out by the use of appropriate on-line forms. Reviews sent to the Editorial Board as e-mail attachment are exceptionally accepted.

Referees accepting to review a paper are kindly requested to send their comments within three weeks, granting extensions upon agreement with editors. Reviewers will be kept rigorously anonymous.

Reviewers are encouraged to submit their comments by using the appropriate form available (upon log-in) at the following web pages:

Reviewers Area

Access codes (usr/pwd) for user authentication may be requested following the automatic procedure available at the above pages or sending an e-mail message to editorial.staff@sisef.org.

Reviews by e-mail

Upon agreement with the editorial board, reviewers may also send their comments as attachment to an e-mail message to the allocated Editor or to editorial.board@sisef.org.

  • The manuscript is of interest to the readership of the journal.
  • The results presented provide strong support for the conclusions reached.
  • The conclusions provide new insights in the field of forest biogeosciences and forestry.

Reviewers are kindly requested to carry out a rigorous peer-review of the manuscripts assigned. Full documentation of the data presented and compelling evidence for the conclusions drawn is required.

The reviewer’s online form requires a set of questions on the scientific relevance and methodological soundness of the manuscript to be answered by the use of radio buttons, helping the reviewer in her/his task. Recommendations on manuscript acceptance have also to be indicated. Comments for the authors, confidential comments for editors and (optionally) manuscript files amended by the reviewers may also be provided.

Any suspicion of duplicate publication, fabrication of data or plagiarism should be immediately reported to the editor.

Please include also in your report any suggestions on the manuscript’s writing, structure, composition, scientific accuracy, scholarship, and (whenever necessary) suggestions for improving the paper.

Peer-review of research is an essential part of science. We appreciate your service to our scientific community.

Before accepting a review assignment, carefully consider any affiliations or relationships that may present a conflict of interest.

We suggest reviewers to register to Publons website and free service to get recognition for their peer-review efforts:


A simple procedure is available to get a "Private Dashboard" in order to record and easily export personal verified review activity.

If you have any questions about the review process, please contact Prof. Marco Borghetti (editor-in-chief) at marco.borghetti@sisef.org or Gabriele Bucci (managing editor) at gabriele.bucci@cnr.it.

Editorial Office

iForest Editorial Office
c/o Department of Crop, Forestry and Environmental Sciences
University of Basilicata
v. dell’Ateneo Lucano 10
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