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    Commentaries & Perspectives
    Availability, accessibility, quality and comparability of monitoring data for European forests for use in air pollution and climate change science
    Clarke N, Fischer R, de Vries W, Lundin L, Papale D, Vesala T, Merilä P, Matteucci G, Mirtl M, Simpson D, Paoletti E
    vol. 4, pp. 162-166 (online: Aug 11, 2011) - doi: 10.3832/ifor0582-004
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    Commentaries & Perspectives
    Towards a transnational system of supersites for forest monitoring and research in Europe - an overview on present state and future recommendations
    Fischer R, Aas W, De Vries W, Clarke N, Cudlin P, Leaver D, Lundin L, Matteucci G, Matyssek R, Mikkelsen TN, Mirtl M, Öztürk Y, Papale D, Potocic N, Simpson D, Tuovinen L-P,
    vol. 4, pp. 167-171 (online: Aug 11, 2011) - doi: 10.3832/ifor0584-004
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