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Soil stoichiometry modulates effects of shrub encroachment on soil carbon concentration and stock in a subalpine grassland

Leilei Ding (1), Puchang Wang (1-2)   , Wen Zhang (1), Yu Zhang (1), Shige Li (1), Xin Wei (1), Xi Chen (1), Yujun Zhang (1), Fuli Yang (2)

iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 65-72 (2020)
doi: https://doi.org/10.3832/ifor3091-012
Published: Feb 07, 2020 - Copyright © 2020 SISEF

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There is little information available on the mediating effects of soil nutrient stoichiometry and enzyme stoichiometry on soil carbon (C) during shrub encroachment and their contributions to changes in soil C. Here, we characterized the concentration and stock of soil organic carbon (SOC), inorganic carbon (SIC) and total carbon (STC) along the shrub encroachment sequence (SES). We constructed linkages between soil C and SES with soil nutrient stoichiometric ratios and C-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-acquiring enzyme stoichiometry ratios using structural equation modeling (SEM), and disentangled the contributions of the soil nutrient stoichiometric ratios and enzyme stoichiometric ratios to shaping SOC and SIC using redundancy analysis (RDA) and SEM. Results revealed that the increases in STC stock derived from the increases in both the SOC stock and the SIC stock. Soil stoichiometric ratios played a mediating role in structuring soil C over SES, the mediating pattern depended on soil stoichiometry types (nutrient stoichiometry or enzyme stoichiometry) and soil C types (SOC, SIC or STC). Soil nutrient stoichiometric ratios contributed more than soil enzyme stoichiometric ratios to the variation in SOC and STC, while the contributions of these two types of soil stoichiometric ratios to the variation in SIC changed with soil stoichiometry types. Soil nutrient stoichiometry had positive or negative or threshold effects on soil C, but soil enzyme stoichiometry had monotonously increasing effects on soil C. This study showed that the soil stoichiometry had modulatory effects on soil C during shrub encroachment in the subalpine grassland, China.


Encroachment Succession, Soil Organic Carbon, Soil Inorganic Carbon, Soil Total Carbon, Nutrient Stoichiometry, Enzyme Stoichiometry, Mediating Effect, Relative Importance

Authors’ address

Leilei Ding
Puchang Wang 0000-0002-2694-4056
Wen Zhang
Yu Zhang
Shige Li
Xin Wei
Xi Chen
Yujun Zhang
Guizhou Institution of Prataculture, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guiyang 550006, Guizhou (China)
Puchang Wang 0000-0002-2694-4056
Fuli Yang
College of Animal Science, Guizhou University, Guiyang, Guizhou (China)

Corresponding author

Puchang Wang


Ding L, Wang P, Zhang W, Zhang Y, Li S, Wei X, Chen X, Zhang Y, Yang F (2020). Soil stoichiometry modulates effects of shrub encroachment on soil carbon concentration and stock in a subalpine grassland. iForest 13: 65-72. - doi: 10.3832/ifor3091-012

Academic Editor

Emilia Allevato

Paper history

Received: Mar 08, 2019
Accepted: Nov 29, 2019

First online: Feb 07, 2020
Publication Date: Feb 29, 2020
Publication Time: 2.33 months

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