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Prediction of ozone effects on net ecosystem production of Norway spruce forest

Stanislav Jurán (1)   , Magda Edwards-Jonášová (1), Pavel Cudlín (1), Miloš Zapletal (1-2), Ladislav Šigut (1), John Grace (1-3), Otmar Urban (1)

iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, Volume 11, Issue 6, Pages 743-750 (2018)
doi: https://doi.org/10.3832/ifor2805-011
Published: Nov 15, 2018 - Copyright © 2018 SISEF

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Future ground-level concentrations of phytotoxic ozone are projected to grow in the Northern Hemisphere, at a rate depending on emission scenarios. We explored the likely changes in net ecosystem production (NEP) due to the increasing concentration of tropospheric ozone by applying a Generalized Additive Mixed Model based on measurements of ozone concentration ([O3]) and stomatal ozone flux (FsO3), at a mountainous Norway spruce forest in the Czech Republic, Central Europe. A dataset covering the growing period (May-August 2009) was examined in this case study. A predictive model based on FsO3 was found to be marginally more accurate than a model using [O3] alone for prediction of the course of NEP when compared to NEP measured by the eddy covariance technique. Both higher [O3] and FsO3 were found to reduce NEP. NEP simulated at low, pre-industrial FsO3 (0.5 nmol m-2 s-1) was higher by 24.8% as compared to NEP assessed at current rates of FsO3 (8.32 nmol m-2 s-1). However, NEP simulated at high FsO3 (17 nmol m-2 s-1), likely in the future, was reduced by 14.1% as compared to NEP values at current FsO3. The interaction between environmental factors and stomatal conductance is discussed in this paper.


Carbon, CO2 Assimilation, Model, Stomatal Ozone Flux

Authors’ address

Stanislav Jurán
Magda Edwards-Jonášová
Pavel Cudlín
Miloš Zapletal
Ladislav Šigut
John Grace
Otmar Urban
Global Change Research Institute CAS, Belidla 986/4a, 603 00 Brno (Czech Republic)
Miloš Zapletal
Silesian University in Opava, Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Masarykova 37, 746 01 Opava (Czech Republic)
John Grace
University of Edinburgh, School of GeoSciences, Crew Bldg, Kings Bldgs, Alexander Crum Brown Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3FF, Midlothian (United Kingdom)

Corresponding author

Stanislav Jurán


Jurán S, Edwards-Jonášová M, Cudlín P, Zapletal M, Šigut L, Grace J, Urban O (2018). Prediction of ozone effects on net ecosystem production of Norway spruce forest. iForest 11: 743-750. - doi: 10.3832/ifor2805-011

Academic Editor

Silvano Fares

Paper history

Received: Apr 04, 2018
Accepted: Aug 27, 2018

First online: Nov 15, 2018
Publication Date: Dec 31, 2018
Publication Time: 2.67 months

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